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今日の [ Once in my life ]

It was last Thursday.

I had an appointment at a hospital for annual medical checkup.

Blood... Eyes... Weight... Heart beat...

And stomach X-ray.

Swallowed a cup of barium as usual.

Piece of cake. Nothing new as I had gone through the same process several
times already.

Took a couple of laxative pills, also as usual. And thanks to the pills,
it seemed that WHITE thing slipped out of my body by yesterday.

However... I was wrong.

This morning came, and I was in the bathroom sitting on that white bowl.

Putting some pressue on abdominal muscles, 'IT' should have come out.

Once... Twice... Three times... Many times...

It didn't.

But I was not so serious yet.

5 minutes passed, and still no result.

Must be that BARIUM?! A little panic began...

Another 5 minutes. No result.

Felt like a ping pong ball is stucking 3-5cm from the exit point.

By that time, I was pretty sure that BARIUM is my enemy.

"What if I could not handle this situation and went to a hospital for help...

Pretty nurses gather around my xxx and dig my xxx?? No xxxxing way!!

Don't panic, Saru. Take it easy and think!"

Looking around, the first idea I got was "washlet attack."

"Position - OK! Pumping power - MAX! 3... 2... 1... Fire!!"

Tried this attack for some 10 minutes without getting substantial results.

About the 2nd and 3rd ideas and the rest of this heartbreaking story, I would not
write here.

But about an hour later, I somehow managed to get that chemical thing out of

So xxxxing tired, I promised myself that I definitely take 3-4 pills next time.










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